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For first-timers, sexual roleplay may seem awkward, absurd and even a tad silly. Some people will be put off by it altogether, especially since it requires certain amount of patience, practice and creativity. It’s either for you, or it isn’t. That said, sexual roleplay can be very healthy for relationships. Not only can it greatly improve your sex life, but it can also serve as a deep healing experience that will strengthen your relationship, creating a deeper sense of emotional and physical intimacy with your partner. Thanks to sexual roleplay we can express ourselves in ways we never imagined possible. This is particularly true when compared to conventional sex. For example, just because you want to experience a bisexual roleplaying fantasy doesn’t necessarily mean you have bisexual inclinations. Moreover, acting as if you’re someone else during sex does not mean you’re unhappy or dissatisfied with your sex life. Far from it. Sexual roleplay is about exploring yourself while building trust and mutual respect with your partner. Basically, it includes all the ingredients of a healthy relationship.

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