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Hangman Playgames PornCams is a game where people guess letters and the goal of the game is to ultimately not hang a stick figure. Every wrong letter guessed results in a body part of the stick figure being drawn onto the page. You can incorporate this game into your cam shows by letting customers tip to guess a letter. If they guess incorrectly you will draw a body part of your Hangman Playgames PornCams, but if guessed correctly you add it to the phrase (which you generally indicate with dashes to help show how many letters and words are in your answer). To make it fun for your cam room, you can make your phrase an action, and when it is completed you perform the action, or the action isn’t performed if you end up killing your stick figure. Some fun actions to incorporate can range from flashes to cum shows, although starting with something simple and raising the degree based on interaction can serve to be a good money maker!

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